Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Listen to this...

Metronomy is so sweetness


Hello!! Happy New Year everyone. I've been playing my Wii a lot, creating new miis. I'm trying to become the next top artisan... :0 kinda difficult, but it's so fun!! Like this one person created a Darth Vadar mii. And this one person keeps creating the cutest miis!!! ah... :D

My resolutions a camera
...get a xbox360
...get burnout revenge
...don't crash my computer
...stay healthy
...get a job at a pet place
...learn to dance
...draw more
etc etc etc

Here's a New Years resolution for ya!: Stop eating animals. It's mean! And you won't have to worry about losing weight ever again, if you're doing it right, because if you do it wrong like I did in the beginning you'll just be anorexic. Vegans rule the world!!!

Stay lovely and play wii!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Withdrawl syndrom

Hey. I'm in Georgia. Atlanta, to be exact, at my dad's house. I have a headache and I've found the cause. The fact of realization is even making me feel a little better. My dad, for the better of my family in Ohio, doesn't have all the nice little doodah's we have. So, a total of FIVE days without these things has given me this headache, constant boredom (from being stuck inside all day), and an increase in hunger (I'm vegan, he's not but, probably also from boredom). I'm whining, so feel free to skip down. I miss unblocked Internet service! And no, I'm not doing anything disgusting. I miss my bed; I have to sleep on the floor with two blankets while my siblings get the inflatable bed or couch. I miss privacy; I'm staying in a one room apartment with four other people...oh and I'm not looking forward to going back to OH because of the 8-hour drive and cold weather. Irony, right?

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas! Have a happy New Years, also!! \(^_^)/

I wish I had a picture to put right here. Um...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh my gees. look what i found...It's a band called THIS/Is.

Click that. Up There. Listen to la musique.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Only 28 more bells to go....

I can't wait for winter break to begin, but then again I can because of quarter exams coming up in January. But it's still a good thing because I get to go to Georgia to see my dad and hopefully get a joyful experience from the people there and do some overdue shopping. I just finished my American History project and am listening to It Became A Lie On You. I love that song.
Anyways, I was on MSN which then lead to me watching YouTube about someone throwing a shoe at Bush for all the Innocent people and orphans who died during the war....Extremely sorrowful. I just learned how terribly disrespectful that is over seas (I don't know where at specifically, apologies) I'm not really into politics at all, so maybe I'm being ignorant, but was there a real goal for war in the first place? It's just painful to see people who had no real involving with terrorism suffer. It's even worse, because there's that misconception about how people mistake some from the Middle East as terrorists because of how they dress. Not all people living under dictatorships or Communism believe that they're bad off. Some of them are proud of it. I realize though that there are both sides to the story and that not all of it is good in any notion. *Sigh* I don't favor these topics...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Season of Poison

Best album since....ever...I'm dead serious. Season of Poison by Shiny Toy Guns. I love them! I watched an interview with them on Youtube and it was extremely funny. They're so real, it's amazing. I love people like that. People who aren't any different when put in front of a camera. lol

I found out that that Auditorium game is gonna be playable on the iPhone soon. That is amazing because I love that game! And I would love to carry it around with me everywhere, especially because the music isn't availabe anywhere..T-T...but good news, good news

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I like the Southern Accent...well, cuz I'm Southern!

AH!!!! I saw the Twilight movie last week. Mixed feelings, I guess. The book will always be better, no matter what, but the movie was good. My favorite scenes in the book were cut out, but it was still good. I loved and hated it at the same time. I take back what I said about Robert Pattison. He's really a great actor. He played Edward soooo well. Better than I thought he would be. My favorite actor is also Jackson Rathbone. I L-O-V-E him! I mean, what his normal personality is like. He played Jasper very well and showed his true self a little bit. The baseball was amazing and funny; the best part of the movie. I was watching the videos they had on Jasper/Jackson R. on and he really made me laugh...I like his Southern accent...Jasper should have had more a role in the movie, but maybe not because it's about Bella+Edward.... .(0_0).

I have more to say, but my head hurts...and I have to leave soon...have a nice day :D