Monday, February 13, 2012

When I should be doing homework...

HELLO, again.

So, I liked this guy, then I liked this guy in a friendly way, then I saw him, and I had to smile, twice. I'm so confused. Because I thought I was overthinking it, now I can't avoid the feelings I have (or do not have).

Maybe I want to start a friendship with him....this is half of my valentine's day. The other half, well, I had this adorable dream...


I don't want this to become my diary, so I'm gonna come up with some, interesting, fix to make this place worth visiting....

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I've been away for a looooong time. Not that that matters, but I'll start again. A WHOLE NEW WORLD HAS ENTERED AND NOW I WILL EXAMINE THEM. With you.

First addiction: Gaia.

I've been playing zOMG for awhile now and I've got to say I have noooo life. At first I thought, "Gaia is for losers." Now, I play it all the time. And I'm in college! A freshman! I can't do that!
But I you know what I realized, all work and no play makes life suck that much more. So play! Play till your hearts content! But not too much or you'll fail out of college (that place that gets you a job so you can actually have a life on earth and not be homeless)

I live in SanFran and I was thinking if I were homeless what would I do? How would I get a job? Those people out there's extremely sad. Outside everyday on dirty San Francisco streets. And some people seem out of their minds. Others sane, but hopeless. And then I met one guy who I gave $20 and he said he went to the movies :/ Maybe you should have fun, no matter what situation your in. ^-^' But...I get really skeptical about giving to people who don't want to get their lives together. I met this one guy who I gave $5 (wasn't much) and I asked him if I could take his picture and he was like "NO." O.0? What? I told him it was for homework (I'm at an art school.) But still: "NO."

Anyways -_- ....I guess I've met a lot of homeless people!! Whoa!

I have a question: Have you ever seen someone you thought was attractive and you've seen them around a lot and then when your really really close to this person (like in proximity) it's like your not even interested?
I admit I did something stalkerish; when we were on the bus to class, I took his picture. And that was hard! It was crowded, I didn't want anybody to notice, I didn't want him to notice! Yeah. And I sat next to him during lunch at a cafe with a friend (I didn't notice he was there until I looked, promise), and we were watching the game together with 2 other people, and I realized that I'm not that much into dating as I think I am. I mean I think about it a lot! But when I'm sitting with a group a guys, it's like I could really care less. And I promise you, I'm a girl who loves Twilight (not the movies, the books). I wish I had my own Edward, but ohhh wellll.

THIS WAS TOO LONG!! (does that remind you of the black weather man from Family Guy? I like the one where he's like.... )