Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm on Spring Break!!

yah! You see, 3 weeks ago I had to take an entire week (yes that long) of OGT tests. 2 hours every morning...uhh...Week after was like a rushed week of cramming because of the missed days of school due to weather, so in all my classes I needed to prepare for the following week of exams. That week was easier in some ways because I already knew what was coming. I did so well this time (i hope)!!
Anyways...On Saturday, my family drove to GA. I got to go to World Changers Church (again)! It was so nice. I really like Creflo. He's so real. Now I'm in my ghost of a hometown Pensacola, FL. It really seems empty now...it's not fair...my childhood friends moved away and my favorite places to eat are closed...I'm afraid to go out and eat anywhere due to reasons I won't mention. But I did get to see my family!! Makes me happy :D
I was online and randomly came across Clayton! He was a DJ that used to be on 949 The Sound. I love hearing him!! I'm so glad I found his myspace page because now I know why he's not on the radio station I listen to anymore. It's not fair! He was my favorite of favorites. But I'm glad for him now, because he has a new job! Which is really amazing in today's market.

Sorry for the really bad mechanics/grammar