Friday, November 7, 2008


Got back my exam results!....I passed 6 out 7. Not good, especially since it's gonna be on my report card. Ah, I don't like social studies... :P

I've gotten a sudden interest in dance now. Like hiphop. I decided I want to take classes now, but there aren't any in my area and it sucks. Or so I think; I really don't know. It's not about just taking classes, but taking GOOD classes. The ones that make you wanna jump out of seat. I was listening to a song called Pop the Glock by Uffie on youtube and I saw a dance routine. It was amazing. I kept watching more and more and now I've developed a fetish...what to do what to do....

You should check this out, too.

(Holy frick! Look at the guy towards the end....I gotta learn that...)

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